VTEC and fuel maps won't be quite right


Runs like a scalded dog!!

E Sol Si wrote:
Posted: Feb 24 2004, 01:19 PM
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Re: D15B vtec swap wiring, o2 sensor with a 92 cx

didnt you get the ECU for the D15B with the swap???

if not you could probly get away with running a p28 as long as you convert to a 4 wire O2..... VTEC and fuel maps won't be quite right ... but its nothing a VAFC couldn't fix

Ran across the above post ... could anyone elaborate on this VAFC business???

I recently replaced a D16Z6 that had developed a rattle with a JDM D15B long block in a '92 Si (p28 ECU/Si tranny already on board)... used the complete intake assembly & the 4 wire O2 from the D16Z6 so as to avoid any "plug & play" problems. Fired right up... no codes, no leaks, just a slightly low idle once warm. Ran the Helms procedure for idle adjustment... can't seem to quite get it right. Other than that it runs like a scalded dog!!! (a little southern humor for ya' there)

Any clues??? <_<
totally unrelated most likely. the d15b and the z6 are very close. the fuel maps will be off due to differences in compression, but that really won't effect idle very much.

sounds like your issue either a poorly adjusted throttle cable, throttel body adjustment screws are off a little bit, or something like that
well, I have the same problem with my d16y8 in my hatch, except my idle is good but then boggs like crazy, I dont know if my fix will help yours but maybe a basic tune up, oil filter, oil, spark plugs, diztr. rotor, spark plug wires, fuel filter, and maybe even your air box. my motor sat for a good six months. Soooo I dont know. I havent done it in mine yet but I hope it will work, but if doesnt just having the peice of mind that all the other stuff is done.