vtec engage how to know

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is there a way to know that vtec has engage (when car running) and how to test that your vtec is working
well depending on the modle vtec will normaly kick in anywere from 5,000 RPM's to 5,500 RPM's... u willl deff noticed a diffrent sound from your engine as it tends to sound a bit higher pitched in my experance... basic throw it in idel and slowly let it rev up, u should hear the diffrence, if ya don't well then eather you model car does not have Vtec or you vtec is not working :p
If your VTEC isn't working your car should throw a cel code once you hit higher rpms while driving it.
You could just pop the hood and rev the car with the throttle body and have your finger on the vtec selanoid and when you rev up past a certain rpm the selanoid should click, if you feel it click then vtec is engaging.
uhh im pretty sure you have to be moving for vtec to engage. i think its like 13 mph or something
i don't think so i've tried it before and felt the selanoid click and heard it click and i can tell when i rev it up while i was stopped that vtec engages.
it should not engage vtec when the car is not in gear

and yeah, generally you will have a code (aka cel) if vtec is not working.
I've seen vtec hooked up to a button and seen vtec engage at idle it is possible for it to engage while the car is not in gear but reved up to the rpm where it is supposed to engage at.
I've seen vtec hooked up to a button and seen vtec engage at idle it is possible for it to engage while the car is not in gear but reved up to the rpm where it is supposed to engage at.


Not supposed to engage in neutral. Computer only engages it under load.
mine sure as heck hits vtec in park but ive had some that didnt so im curious about this...also
I'm not a hack i'm saying i've seen it before they just did it to see what would happen lol. I really don't know y they decided to put it on a switch but they did and it worked.
And mine deff did hit vtec in neutral it was a y7 block with a d15b head and a d15b ecu and it would hit vtec sitting still and my friend had a 1990 hatch with an obd0 ecu and it would hit vtec in park.
geez, ok vtec will only engage if its warmed up enough,if you have enough oil pressure, if the solenoid is good and pressure switch and if the ecu is good, you can hook it to a switch but that's still not true vtec because all that does is lock the cam it does nothing to the fuel maps like real vtec does.and also real vtec will only work after your going 20mph if you have a single cam sometimes you wont even hear it change over but on a dohc vtec motor you should be able to hear it change over depending on if its stock or tuned
B16A P30 OBD1 no vtec in neutral
D15B ?StockECU OBD1 no vtec in neutral
D16Y8 P2P OBD2b no vtec in neutral
I had the d15b with the obd1 computer and it did have vtec in neutral and yea vtec won't engage at all if the car isn't warmed up or if it doesn't have oil in it. "thats where i convinced my friend that my car was out of vtec fluid" haha. But i meant vtec was on a button not a switch, so he could be driving and push the button and vtec would engage you could tell that vtec engaged too it got faster but only if you hit it at the right time if you hit it to early the car would like bog down. I checked to make sure vtec worked on my car by simply reving it up and holding the vtec selanoid. did it on this kid's crx too i could actually hear that one clicking while i was reving it up tho.
lol you think it matters at this point lol
Actually no it really doesn't matter i get negative repped doing the same thing other people do so i don't see the point in trying anymore.
all the answers are here, the only other way to know is hock it to a lap top
just temporary install a light bulb on the solenoid , 12v is sent from the ECU to open the solenoid , the bulb will light up when vtec engages , this will tell you if ECU is opening or trying to open the solenoid

if you want to test the solenoid , just disconnect the connector in the solenoid and put 12v positive wire directly to the solenoid , it will clic if its fine , the car must be in ignition position with the car TURNED OFF.

good luck