Vtec Head On D15

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i have an automatic 93dx with a d15b7 and i was wondering if a VTEC d-series head would fit my engine. i think the D16z6 is VTEC but im not sure. could i swap my head for a d16z6 head anyhow? i heard this is possible and if so, then i want one from a car with a manual tranny, because the cams are better right? i kno ill prolly just need to switch harnesses, wire for VTEC, and get a new chip (i kinda want a p28 or somethin anyhow). well help me out with whatever u can. thanks!
Alright, I'm in the middle of this right now...Yes, the Z6 head will fit...you can get a P28, and add 2 wires to ur exsisting harness, and run them to the ECU, or get an APEXI/Fields vtec controller...For the mini-me, you will need the :
Z6 Head
Z6 Intake manifold
Z6 Distributor
Z6 Timing Belt

That is the bare minimum, but I recommend getting new gaskets (exhaust, inake, head)

Try and get a cam from a manual, they are better, I just don't know why...

Any other questions, let me know.
aye i was wondering if n e one can post up more info on the subject...cause im kinda curious also...i have a 92 DX hatch...and im trying to sqeeze wha i can out of my motor...and i heard about switching the head...but i never really knew a grip bout it...so n e help would bee nice...peace :unsure: