vtec issues

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ok so i got the d16z6 swap obd-0..to...obd1 done in my 90 hatch running great but i dont think vtec is workin i ohmed it and it read 11.7 wtf and i check directly at the ecu and same thing what could this be i check my girls 95 eg and it was right on at 35 or somewhere around there anyinfo is helpful


nobody answered because your post is vague. laughing at us is not going to help either. simple "bump for help" post would have suited fine.
personally, i didn't see this post yet.

Since i'm in a good mood, i'll try to help you out.

First, is the ecu throwing any codes? if the ohms where wrong, the signal should be fubar, and thus throwing a code. its possible that it wouldn't until it got to vtec engagement point (5k ish) while driving.

what does vtec need to work?

certain oil pressure (on non-jdm models)
certain engine coolant temperature
certain speed from the VSS
certain load acording the MAP sensor
certain TPS voltage, so that the ecu thinks you are accelerating and actually need vtec.

assuming the car warmed up fully, and you have oil and running normal pressure, i'm going to ask if you are throwing any codes for the vss, tps, or the map.


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Ohms should read between 14-30. Are you throwing a CEL? If so, and you're only reading 11.7 ohms, the diagnoses is replace vtec solenoid. I'd try a known good one first to eliminate a grounding issue, then move on to replacing parts.

A better idea than being a unpatient, as B mentioned, would be to at least try to give some info maybe like what ECU you're using, what model you car is, what you did for the conversion (did you have to do a dpdfi to mpfi conversion?), etc...