Vtec Killing Cams, What Is The Point?

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I was talking to this kid at a taco shop, he pulled up in a lowered 4th gen with a N/A B18c in it. He was telling me that he was saving up to buy VTEC killing cams, I believe he said that toda makes them. I have never heard of VTEC killing cams and wondered what is the point of a cam that removes the VTEC function??? is it for turbo applications???
This is what they have on their web site:

The primary and secondary lobes are designed to be the same size. Overall construction of the cam has been heavily revised. With areas of stress,rigidity and weight all greatly benefiting. Normal cams are created from solid blanks, but the VTEC KILLER CAM is produced from a hollow blank, which not only reduces weight but also improves valve timing accuracy through a reduction in flexing. The cam is designed to bed in quickly and have a low wear rate.

The mid rocker cam is removed & both pins are changed, reducing the valve train mass for better response. Disabling the VTEC system removes fluctuations in the oil pressure system, securing a reliable oil feed to all the main moving components. Lost motion valve should be removed. For max performance, should be used in conjunction with TODA Sports Injection kit.
basicly its for a strictly track car that will always be run at HIGH RPM's.... this setup basicly just remves the low lobes... its gives a smoother power delivery... instead of normal VTEC cams switching at a set RPM... this switching can cause an upset in the smooth flow of the car in the corners (road course racing) thus reducing the maximum speed you can carry through the corner......

they might be helpfull for drag .... but i dont give a fuck about drag so i dont really know a whole lot about it

basicly if its a street car dont bother
if its a road course car you need to be really good for it to make a bit of difference
if its a drag car someone else will have to help you :)