vtec low and high fuel mapping??

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ok when running a vtec head the low cam runs on its own fuel mapping seprate from the high cam right?? i am trying to figure this out because my friend is running a y8 in his hatch with a pm6 ecu non chipped with a auto meter pill shift light meaning when the shift light comes on his vtec engages and he told me that the vtec ecus run the same fuel mapping on high and low cam.


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pm6 is a d16a6 ecu, non vtec civic/crx si ecu.

there is no second map, as the ecu doesn't know wtf vtec is. what the hell is he trying to do?

the pill is probably lighting up to say "HEY ASSHAT!! WTF DID YOU DO TO ME"
this post makes no sense, what the hell does he care what the fuel maps look like when hes running a stock computer which BTW isnt a VTEC computer so his VTEC aint working anyways?
he wired his vtec to his shift light so when the shift light comes on the vtec kicks in. and he is running a d16y8 with a pm6 ecu and a a6 si dizzy. i don't know how he did it. and i had been told that when vtec kicks in more fuel is dumped. meaning that the fuel map changes i don't know i am still trying to understand every thing and get my friend to run vtec the right way

i know he is not running a vtec ecu. he is doing a window switch with no vtec ecu


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holy hack job batman. i guess an obd1 conversion was too hard.... or running a pr3/pw0? but anyway....

VTEC ecus have a low cam and high cam map for both fuel and ignition.
non-vtec only have 1 cam profile for fuel and igition.

if he didn't chip anything, hes still running stock d16a6 fuel maps.

tell your buddy to stop being a hack and put it together the right way before he blows up