vtec settings

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i have a 2000 si and the perty stock except for cold air kit header and full exhaust. i was wondering if anyone else with the same set up and has already had there vtec set up like the fuel curve and such thanks for any help


What do you mean set up like the fuel curve? You shouldn't have to mess with the VTEC settings on an engine with just I/H/E.

Stock switch over is 5500 rpm, what do you have it set at now?
its set at 5500 but i changed with it turns off thats all yeah i mean the fuel curve. i really dont understand how to set it up thats why i havent messed with it i didnt want to like lean it out and blow it up or something. im noew to all this stuff. so thanks for ur help


Staff member
leave it stock. you dont have any mods that warrant the change.