Vtec Solenoid?

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ok i got my D16Z6 head and the vtec solenoid didn't come with the oil pressure sensor so i bought one now heres the question. where do i hook up the wires from the oil pressure sensor, i know the one wire sticking out is for the vtec engagment but there are two prongs on the oil pressure sensor where do thos go please help. also its a min-me setup. have not started it up yet so don't know how many thousands of codes i will get thrown just prayin for the best. thanx
also im running the pg7 ecu and i know everyone thinks the p28 is god but i was wondering if it would plug right in and since i did the dx to zc wiring changes would that affect n e thing as far as the pinouts>?
the black wire just grounds on the nearest 10mm bolt. i put mine on my thermostat housing. the other goes to a pin at your ecu. go to hybridhonda.com to get the pinnouts. as for the p28? it is a grey plug ecu. you would have to get a conversion harness in order to plug it in. im assuming your car is 4th gen. be carefull, make sure you can run the dist. with your ecu. you cant use a pm6 with a z6 dist. not sure if you can use a pg7 with a6.