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ok don't rip on me if i posted this in the wrong forum. to me it is swap related, you make think it is more electronics, etc.. anyway i just want some info as soon as possible. here goes. i am trying to hook up my vtec on my b16a in my 91 crx si. i got an msd rpm switch and relay from a friend and need detailed instructions on how to wire it. zcivic told me to go to the geocities site Mechanic B's garage and yes it gives directions, but they aren't detailed enough for me. i don't know a lot about vtec wiring and relays and stuff. also i read that you could just run 12volts to your vtec sol. and it would kick in but i tried it and i couldn't tell that any thing happened. i used a light tester and put one end on the pos. side of my batt. and the other side on the single wire (green/yellow) and the light just lit up?????? is the vtec sol grounding out or something???? any suggestions. i just want a detailed description of where to put each wire, for example where to run all the 12v wires, some are switched some are not, where to run the white wire-the tach wire- i tried to run it to my green wire on aftermarket tach but it just grounded out or something. i have no idea what to did. hellllllllllllllppppppp... i know you guys are really smart with this stuff :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
are you not using the PR3 or PWO ecu designed for your motor? or are you just trying to hook up a vtec controller type deal? if so get a decent vtec controller for cheap(fields) or just get the MSD rpm switch and rpm activator from summit racing, its like 75 bucks for both of them.
i am not trying to be smart, but if you would have noticed in my post i said i needed instructions on how to hook up an msd rpm switch with the 30amp relay. i am using my stock pm6 ecu that has been somewhat reprogrammed(rev limit 8500, not sure what else-i got the car with the swap already in it and the guy wasn't sure what all was done to the comp) right now i am just going to use the rpm switch until i decide whether or not to get the real j-spec b16a ecu. in the meantime i am just going to run the rpm switch, your help would be appreciated. i got some more instructions from zCivic and i am going to give those a try. but any suggestions would be appreciated. :)


check here for the instructions and this diagram above, i wasn't trying to be smart either, just trying to help out, but really if you are going to spend the 75 bucks for the controller, you might as well get the PR3 ecu, adding the RPM switch won't add fuel and timing that will be correct for the vtec kick in that are most important for vtec, just trying to help, if you need to find a PR3 at a good price, hit me up,

John 3:16
when i added the pr3 to my d16z6 setup it made all the difference in the world dont chump ur self power and get the pr3 for that b16 also the crx si ecu starves ur motor from fuel so i really dont sugest running ur b16 hard with the weak fuel curve from that ecu if u get the pr3 go the extra mile and get a VAFC and fine tune it u get power out of that also if u know how to use the VAFC...
thanks a lot, i did get it hooked up right finally, and the lobe is kicking in. so do you think i am running lean without the lobe? how about with the extra lobe? i probally shouldn't run nitrous with this ecu should i? how much can i get the correct ecu for and will it plug right into my stock harness? i might have to wait on the VAFC for a while, it isn't exactly in my budget right now unless you can get one dirt cheap. oh yea the rpm switch and relay and pills only cost me 55 bucks. my friend had one that he used to kick in his nitrous on his 800 hp mustang :D i really do appreciate the help. thanks so much. :worthy: :D
what ecu are u using in ur b16 setup??...the ecu makes all the difference in the world becasue of fuling issues..if u dont knoiw what ecu u are using check the ecu tag it should tell you there chekc the 3 middle numbers/letters..and thats the typ eof ecu u are using...the correct ecu for ur setupo is the PR3 and PW0 and it will plug right into ur harnest and u will not need to rig vtec but iu do have to wire up the vtec on ur stock wireing which is a bit harder then what u just did with the rpm switch
VTEC wiring

Hi..I need some help with my VTEC Swap. Does anybody know how to connect VTEC to a non VTEC 2001 Honda Civic. I already have the VTEC computer
lol...did u do any research before posting? you have a non-vtec d17, and a vtec computer will not magically give u vtec(software) without the correct engine mods like a VTEC HEAD (hardware). In that example, you can't run MS PAINT without fucking WINDOWS.
Hi..I need some help with my VTEC Swap. Does anybody know how to connect VTEC to a non VTEC 2001 Honda Civic. I already have the VTEC computer
please check the date before posting... what you're asking can be solved by google
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