vw mercedes swap?

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Well on the way to meet some friend to pick up some "stuff" the kids we were buyin were a little late. So one of my friends says, "oh this is the kid who has the golf with the kompressor engine in it. And apparently this thing moves! ran something in the 12's i believe. When he pulled up the thing sounded very nice, smooth and deep, definately didnt sound stock.

now, has anyone heard of this swap, it may just be a vr6 supercharged, but i wa sbeing told by two different people that it was a mercedes kompressor motor... :blink:


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kompressor is german for supercharger
probly has a supercharged VR6

just checked out VWVortex and didnt see anyone over there with a MB swap in their VW or even any info on it.... lots of people running superchargers and Kompressor badges though

the closest thing i found was info and a kit for getting the kompressor from a MB to fit on the VW.... complete waste of time and money aparently... much better shit for far less money