VW swap question

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So me and Tim (outlandish_bandit) were cruising the junkyards today (NO Hondas :( ), and we came across a nice looking VR6 motor for $500 Euro. Anyone know anything about swapping this into say a Polo, or older Golf? Since I am going to be here for a couple months, it might make a fun, cheap, fast project, but I don't want to get into something I can't finish in a month or so.


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a couple of buddies of mine did some vr6 swaps, one guy did one into a corrado, the other did one into a 92 jetta. so I think that it could fit into a older golf. I can ask them what they had to do to get the motor done

I dont know that a polo is


Originally posted by ripperbone@May 25 2005, 10:56 PM
I dont know that a polo is
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That's the car I am thinking about. I can probably pick one up for under a grand, and with a VR6 in it, it would be a hardcore sleeper :)

Thanks for the link projectspeed :)

Still if anyone knows anything about this swap, post it up.


Originally posted by Battle Pope@May 27 2005, 11:47 PM
So it's a Golf with less protein intake?
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Pretty much. This is the actual model I want to swap into...



Heavily supported here, and it would be easy to sell when I leave. I don't know, just think it would be fun.
Yup. Golf with no balls.

I say do it. Even if you only manage to part-way complete it, it sounds like you could sell it incomplete and at least get your money back.


Only problem, and I just thought of this, according to our regulations here in US Army Europe, you can't sell a non operational vehicle, so it would have to be running. And in order to sell it to a German, it has to be able to pass TUV, which with a swap is going to be hard.

Oh well, I was just offered a GSR longblock at a good deal, so I have some thinking to do.
from what ive been told by some pretty well informed vw heads, you can basicly swap the vr6 into anything that itll fit in i only think that wiring will be the bitch.


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vr6's don't impress me. i'd take a 1.8t over a vrsucks any day.

further more, why start a project and do all that work to just sell it and probably lose money on it in a month.

are you THAT bored? if so, you should start writing more tech articles :p
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 1 2005, 03:24 PM
are you THAT bored? if so, you should start writing more tech articles :p
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screw that, get a container going.
i would advise against the vr6 swap...

from what i understand most vw swaps require a complete wire harness change, especially the vr6 swap...

and i think you would need the vr6 tranny as well, but have not confirmed that...

i only hang with one guy who loves vw and he's a moron, so all my information could be wrong...


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@Jun 1 2005, 03:24 PM
are you THAT bored?  if so, you should start writing more tech articles :p
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screw that, get a container going.
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I need to write more :), But I wouldn't lose any money IF, I got it running well.

I was thinking about a container, but the Army will ship I believe about three tons worth of stuff, we just have to figure out how much we have now :)
easiest swap in the polo would be an ABF 2.0 16V,
close to the same power as a VR and would cost much less in the end and weigh less.

you could use your stock trans too, the VR6 requires a VR6 trans.