w3rd-- we broke 5000 memberrrrrrrrrrrs!!

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Originally posted by 90 accord+Dec 11 2002, 01:24 AM-->
@Dec 10 2002, 09:46 PM
5k members, and I remember back when Brian just started up Hondaswap, and everyone moved over from EastCoastDelSol.com to here.... ah, what precious memories... :)

damn! i remember competing with pills on ECDS for the top poster for a while, i eventually got tied of whoring, same kinda thing on here as well.. i only post where i really have something i want to be seen; i'm not like gabe :lol:

you have much to learn grasshopper
lol. shin demolished us both on ECDS dude! he was the ultimate whore. and all we had to do on that site was talk about... well nothing because it was like 12 of us and we just bullshitted lol