want to build up a transmission

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ok well i have a spare cable LS trans. its a 92-93 and i want to build it up to make a nice race transmission. it grinds gears, and needs work anyway so why not. i figure i could put in a jdm itr lsd with 4.7 final drive and some nice short gears like b16 gears or something.

how much am i looking at for the gears themselves?
what gears are compatable? ive heard that the hydro gears will work but i want to be sure.
i have a helms for a 94 gsr, will that be sufficient?
where can i find the needed parts? i want to kind of limit myself on how much i spend. i dont want to go all out on this thing.
i know tranny ork is tedious, but am i getting over my head? i know ill need a bearing puller and a press, both of which i have at my disposal.

any general tips? or suggestions? thanks.


Mad scientist
Wow. I'm not sure what's compatible and what's not- I don't think you can use the JDM ITR LSD though. You might have to hunt for one of the older clutch-type LSDs that were available with the cable transmissions.

Bump for you.


mike is right... the cable tranny won't accept the hydro diff, lsd, etc... they are very different.