Want To Buy Ls Spider Alloys In Ct Area

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Looking to buy a set of LS spider alloy wheels. Looking to spend about $300.00 in the local CT area. Tires dont need to be the best.


Mario? well no shit. It only took him a year.

what's up bud- this is Brian, Bill's friend with the blue sol.
Welcome to my board =)


YEA mario!

i have a set of five star GSR's if you're lookin for something else.

let me know, i don't know if i really want to get rid of em, but i might


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I dont know if you ended up buying the gsrs but im selling ls rims, id assume there the spiders, there off a spec. edition. For 300 neg. w/ falken tires. Im in LI, NY


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juggie28 thanks for the reply but I am working with bake on a set. thanks again


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brian long time no talk. glad to be here and back in the honda scene. i would be on the board more often but my computer is a relic.


the OG
lol . . . my computer is all fizzucked izzup! . . i'm at work right now, tryin to catch up on the new site info. . . well anyway i don't have any integra wheels but just wanted to drop a line.

the EG CX hatches are takin over CT!