Want to sell my CRX or Trade for a Truck


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I have a 91 Honda CRX its orange with white graphics it has chrome 15" wheels its a 5 speed car with 145k on it. I am asking 1500 for it or a decent truck to trade. I am in NC and in the greensboro area. For some info on my car here is a link and some pics are here also. I really want a 2 wheel drive truck and would like to trade straight up for one. Thanks for your time, Eric

Here is the link to info on it and pics of it..............



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I have a 1988 or 89.. not sure right now.

but a 1989 GMC S-15. Driver Side Fender is a bit f'd up but it'll pass inspection. Also has a crack in the windshield. Let me know if we can work somethin out.


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my friend will trade you a 85 s10 4wd. 31in tall tires. little rod knock nothing serious. roll bar, cc, ac. good trade i think. and no exhaust but nice sound. sounds mean. did i mention the 2.8 v6. good in snow and off road conditions. this is better than a 2wd. and its even an extended cab. let me know book is problaly 1200. "good trade for that wild crazy crx" he says.


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umm whoever painted that thing had no idea what they were doing, they painted your molding around the rear window.....that is rubber and sure to carck and look like shit with time. Also you have some horrendous looking gaps goin on with the hood, lf fender and lf headlight assembly/corner lense.....i wouldnt pay 500 bucks for it looking like that but good luck selling or tarding it non the less


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Let me get this straight...you bought a stock HF and put chrome wheels and a new paint job into it BEFORE swaping the engine!!!! WTF!!! The only excuse (happens to be my excuse) for owning an HF is because its MPFI and you can easily swap into it!!!


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BIG stunna STIZIYLE yo!!!!!! Bling bling rimz B :lol: P.S. For a fact I know that car was in an accident look at the gap in the hood the corner lenses dont line up in the front view it sits crooked and your front wheel looks set back!?!?!WTF looks in real bad shape!