want to trade or sell


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ok im selling both my car and my BRAND NEW setup, because of a death in the family and i no longer have any money to spend.

93 honda civic dx 2 dr. 5 spd.
teal on grey cloth
152k (only grinds in reverse)
everything still stock

a b18a bottom end (1992 ls) mated with a 1994 gsr head.
ok this build consist of the following:

1994 reconditioned gsr head (stock)
1992 b18a1 bottom end
titan rod set
turbo piston set
brand new oem bearing set
oil line kit
apr head studs
type r cams
type r oil pump
type r spark plugs
550cc denso inj.
brand new spark plugs
p28 ecu (stock)
bbk 68mm throttle body
since im feeling generous ill throw in a "for free" a 5" monster tach, shifter bushing kit, and a short shifter(apc).

what i just listed needs the following to be a complete swap:

intake manifold
tranny and it will be complete
as i was told from inline this motor can safely handle 20psi which would probably give you upwards of 400whp if tuned correctly.
This motor has been cleaned, inspected, bored, honed, balanced and assembled. I Am not going to put a price down, you guys throw me some offers.


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from the sticky...

"3. POST A PRICE. This isn't ebay. If you dont post a price, it makes for useless lowballing. At least post "Looking to get $XXXX" or a range if you aren't sure. Leaving it wide open does no good."


whare are you located and what are you lookin to trade if you need the cash? let me know.