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I was driving down this busy road and saw some of the most uglyest cars. I saw a bright orange accord with altezzas, a contour with a spoiler that was at leat 3 ft hight (not lieing) and a huge tip on it. Then i saw a some what nice looking red Teg until i saw it from a place other than the side. It had Altezzas on it and to try to be cool and diffrent instead of getting a cf hode (that looks wrong for some reason) he had a white oem one. Reminder this was a red teg. It was so :ghey: looking. I wonder if the guy new that people put cf hode on cars to make them lighter, not have a nasty 2-tone car.
its hood... and yea, thats gay. and not everybody does it because its lighter... some people like the two tone look, it looks increadably good on some cars... for example a yellow teg with a cf hood, yes, two please... a white civic hatch with a cf hood... mmhmm, daddy likey :)
lol sounds like a rice convention. i saw a teg sunday that had the letters 'gs-r' in red on its stock muffler, on the blank space next to the 1" tailpipe lol. it had a blue acura badge too which looked suspiciously like an indiglo, but it was during the day.
lmfao@yes, two please. I saw a cf hood the other day. And it had dimples where the honda badge goes. He was claiming it was a VIS hood.. and all cf hoods have those dimples. But that was the first one ive ever seen. Any of you seen this??
I think that cf hoods look fine but i would never buy it just for looks. I saw a black 5gen si with one on with dark rota wheels at an auto cross and it looked very clean. But when i see cf hoods on white cars, i think that it justs looks weird.