Wanted:92-95 Hatchback

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Im wanting to find a fairley good 92-95 civic hb, 5 spd. I would like it to be in good shape, but i can stand a couple of dints and dings. I have about 3000 to spend. I live in the louisville, kentucky area. Zip code 47111. Also i was wanting to no if i can have a car shipped that is about 5 hours away from me, and how much it would cost. thanks


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I gotta Green 94 Cx hatch in really good condition with like 105k it i'll sell you for 3k but i live in Salem Oregon.

If you wanna talk to me - my AIM name is SuperZaque01


Super Moderator
shipping a car normally cost close to a grand. (give or take a hundered dollars.) It would almost be a better idea just to drive out there. From where you are, nothing is more than a 2 day drive.