wanted: complete set of stock crx bushings


does anybody have or know where to get new stock oem for 1988 crx or 88-91 i heard from a guy that they are better than enegy suspension hyperflex bushings because they last longer. the guy had them on his car for not very long and they got dried out and cracked. by the way my bushings are so damn dried out and cracked they are falling apart in chunks :( (but they are 17 years old too)


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i've priced a couple individual bushings from the honda dealership before and they were outrageous, you'd be much better off money and performance wise buying and after market poly bushing kit........


I have almost a complete set from my CRX that i pulled out when i installed my ES bushings, some had to be detroyed due to age also, but I would be willing to sell you what i have to get you started. LMK. I can look and tell you exactly what I have.