Wanted: Del Sol

This is a long shot on finding this car, but... I'm looking for a 93-94 Del Sol, captiva pearl blue. Engine doesn't have to run, body must be good (stock is a plus), never wrecked, non-smoker, fairly nice interior (meaning all the pieces are there and its not a pos). Hoping to find one under 3k, I'm in North Florida, and willing to travel a little bit to view a car.

I currently own a 93 Del Sol Si, but it's still to nice to turn into a project so thats why I'm looking for another one for a project.


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I've got a salvaged 93 captiva pearl s that just recieved $2000 in paint and body work to make it all original. I can't let it go for $3000 with the body work and suspensions/wheels tho.

Located in Southern Ohio. PM me if you're serious.


I got a '94 White Sol, all stock, good interior, just a ripped seat from normal wear, just replaced the tranny and clutch, rebuilt motor, all straight, not salvaged. Only Problem is that I'm in San Diego, CA. I'm looking for 4000 but would probably take less.

Anybody else interested hit me up senate_9427@hotmail.com
Yeah I like your car... only bad thing is you smoked it all up on the inside so, no telling what kind of sents are burried in the seats. Any chance you still have your volks or do you sell those a long time ago?