Wanted: Knock Sensor


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My knock sensor has given me trouble for a long time. I don't know if they are interchangeable from B16, B18, H23, H22 or what.
I want one for my OBD1 H22A, in new or good useable condition. They're kinda spendy from the parts store, so give me a price.


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i had to buy one when i did my swap...i dont rememebr the exact price but i bought mine right from the honda dealer and i beleiev it was around 100 bucks. for the money i would just go buy a brand new one, plus they arent interchangeable form one to another and to be honest it hink they only other engines that run em are the gsr and the type r... i tried to find a used one to and wouund up buying a new one because they arent a common part that epople have kickin around