Washer and Dryer combos

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Finally, there exists combo washer/dryers! I've been inventing this for 30 years. lol

Our dryer is on the way out and the washer is 10 years old too, so it's time for a new set.
Anyone know anything about these new combo units that wash and dry? The key thing that baffles me is that they are ventless. Where does the moisture/steam go when drying?

eg: https://www.lowes.com/collections/G...All-in-One-Washer-Dryer-with-Pedestal/GR_9214
no exhaust vent for the dryer.

so strange.

I'm thinking about convincing the wife to get 2 all in one units and just blast out clothes all in one shot. With the kids, we're struggling keeping up with laundry and this would help a lot.
Also interesting fact i just noticed -- it uses a standard 110 plug, not a 30amp or 50amp typical dryer connection. I wouldn't need to run a 2nd large outlet there -- which i thought would be the case if i were to get 2 units.
so, it will use less power, which is nice.

i was considering running a gas line to my laundry area. I don't know why they didn't when they built the house.
The laundry is right next to the gas furnace closet with a hard-line run. couldn't be more than a few bucks to do it. I dunno. i always thought gas dryers were more efficient.

But with these, electric would be nice. 110 even better.

but not if they are crap. Seems to be 50/50, people love them or hate them. very few 3/4 star reviews.
One was put in OL's grandmother's house because she can't go up and down the stairs to the basement anymore.

They say it's effective for it's intended use, but likely washer and dryer stand-alones are better at doing their specific function.

The vent-less seemed interesting to me as well.

When I was in the market for a new washer dryer combo, it seemed that the only efficiency improvement that impacts a dryer is how much water the washer can extract from the clothes before they go in the dryer. So I only replaced the washer and kept the old dryer that worked fine.

Old dryer vs new dryer, no efficiency improvements all things being equal.
I would avoid them. I serviced washers/dryers for years at my summer gig. Water and dryers don't mix as we had issues with the "steam" functions on the dryers when they came out. Nothing beats a purpose built tool/machine. The only multi-tool I own is a Leatherman.
I used one in the hotel in Riyadh a few months ago- granted only like 3 loads, but it worked well. Definitely not a mainstream brand like GE either. As far as being more power efficient, technically the 220V unit will be more power efficient than the 110V. :D