Wastegate dump - newbie question

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Just to introduce myself, I'm not new to turbo things, I have a WRX which I mapped myself and I generally I know what is wastegate for, what's psi and what's airflow, etcetera. Also I'm a good searcher and that explains why I have zero posts on honda-tech, nasioc and so on for two years. But I'm new to Honda turbocharging and I've got a really noob question, and I've searched for a day and still cannot find an answer.

Ok, enough for offtopic, here is my question: how do you guys usually dump when using external wastegate? Generally, there are two options - dump through screamer pipe or route wastegate exit to exhaust. But what option is used in Honda world (if you need details - I'm going for and LS-T setup, i.e. b18b1 + T3/T4)? Any downsides for each setup specific for Hondas?

If you use screamers, how do you route them, i.e. where actually dumped gases are exiting? Pictures are welcome!

Thank you for reading this and I'm really sorry for a noob question.

- Dmitry
Both are used. If you use an atmoshperic dump you can just run the dump straight down from the gate to about the bottom of the oil pan, that way most of the gases get out of the engine bay. If you route it into the exhaust, you can run it into the down pipe right before it bends to go under the car.
My recommendation is to dump it into the downpipe. For one, it sounds like ass when the wastegate opens up. Two, excessive heat, no matter how far away from the turbo, is never good. Three, you don't have to deal with exhaust shit all over the place. Trust me, the "soot" if you will, gets into some interesting places.