Water Dripping ? Suggestions ?

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Senior Member
I just rebuilt my engine and I have water dripping off the block. I can't see were its coming from but it seems that were it is coming from that there are no hoses so I'm thinking it could be the head gasket not sealing right ? Any suggestions ? Is this bad ?
Lets see,

If your head gasket is leaking and if you were mental enough to just drive around like that and you happen to overheat the engine...two words....Warped Head.

Not fun. I have no idea what the hell kind of engine you have and how it is built, and what for.
The engine is a D16Y8, I couldn't afford a swap so my buddy did some trick work to the head and threw some better pistons in there. He noticed the water in the first stages of the break in. So if this was noticed very early, could there be any potential damage ?
is it water or coolant? Water could just be from the air conditioning system. Coolant however you could have a problem. Is it just leaving a puddle when you park the car? How is the coolant resivour (sp). What i would do is get a white peice of poster board or cardboard and place it on the ground, under neath the car. Depending on how fast it is leaking, i would check it in like 20 minutes. This way you can kinda find the vacinity of the leak. tell us where it is coming from and this will help us a little bit more.