weird noise (possibly radiator fan?)

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Blinker Fluid Specialist
ok so for the past few weeks, ever since i took a 900 miles road trip to houston texas, my car has been making a funny noise. comes from the front right axle it sounds like so i figured i needed to replace it, but tonight i was sittin in a parking lot in neutral and it started to make the noise. it was the loudest it has ever been. i gave it gas and the rpm's had nothing to do with the noise. wasn't louder or quieter so it makes me believe the radiator fan is goin out. is there anyway to maybe lube the fan up to see if thats the prob?


In my own little world!
lol... um if its the rad fan? seriously dont waste ya time on lube, just go to a salvage yard and get 1, make sure it works and u all set... haha, least what I would do.