Weird Noise

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i was driving my parent's car and there are two major problems.. its a 2000 accord SE.. anyway, when i slow down or come to a stop, the car makes a weird noise, like the car is decelerrating on a video game.. like the VVVEERRRrrrrrr.. sound and the wheels sound lik etheir are rubbing on something and its really loud and u can feel the brake pedal vibrate.. also when the heater/ac is on there is a loud whistling sound.. what can these bugs be???? thanks a lot guys


#1 get the rotors turned and get new pads.
#2 all honda heater/blower fans squeek. at least every car ive been in does


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#1) ill check to rotors, but the pads were changed like 1,000 miles ago?? and 2) its a REALLY REALLY loud and when its cranked to like 3 or 4, the whistle changes to a loud vibrating sound like a fan.. thanks so far
check the brake fluid level. the whistling sound is normal. it usually is less when you set it to re-circulating air, instead of outside air....or the other way around. i forget. try changing the setting, whatever it is.