Went to the track today

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Hey all,

So today i took my SR out to the track. For those of you in NE i went to Lebannon Valley Raceway in New York.

Here is the info for my best time:

R/T: .438
60: 2.472
330: 6.290
1/8: 9.279
MPH: 83.22
1000: 11.835
1/4: 13.98
MPH: 104.93

OK, im pretty sure my 60's are so bad because currently i am running crappy all season tires with 40% tred left on em. The back end got real loose during the 1st -> 2nd shift.

According to the original owner of my car, he ran 13.4 with drag radials. From what i can tell, my trap speed seems right for a mid 13'sec pass (my highest trap was 105.3mph).

Overall i had a good time at the track. I raced my friends Nissan 300zx TT all three times i raced . . and lost every time by about a second (his best time at 12.8, 13.1 during the run i just listed above).
Originally posted by micah+Sep 8 2005, 01:32 AM-->
holy crappy 60 foot time batman
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haha yeah . . . i know :ph34r:

This other guy at the track had the same setup as I did, except that his 240 was an s13. He ran 13.6 with drag radials.

At least i got to get out to the track before winter kickes in. It was nice to see what this thing actually does.

@Sep 8 2005, 01:31 AM
whats powering that car?

never mind...i assume its a S14 SR20DET
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Close, its an S13 Redtop B) .