Were Can I Get Headers That Will Fit My Car?

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You can buy a HEADER anywhere,that sells them.You don't need a special one for the chassis,just one for the motor.
i think he means headers that will bolt up to the stock exhaust w/o any modification to any part of the exhaust. i know cause ive been looking for something like that for my CRX with a b18c. basically, they dont exist. your going to need to get a header for your engine, then modify the cat with the proper flanges, or get a custom pipe made, so that everything will bolt up. if you dont car about taking it off at a later point, the just get it all welded together.

edit: maybe with your civic the header for a b18c WILL bolt up already, but im not sure, all i know is that it wont in my case.
GSR header is a different length than the others,so unless it is going in a GSR your going to need to customize something.