What Aboust msd wires?

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I have a question: are the msd wires any good?

Regards, calvin
I had them on my old F22B1, and they kinda sucked. Kept popping off the tops of the plugs. Plus, they advertise a gain in hp by using their wires.

I'm running Magnecor's now. They're pretty phat, but can be tough to break the seal when taking them off.
if you think about it the carbon core on any plug wire is a carbon core on any wire. be it spiral core or not. it's still carbon. The only difference in wires really is who's name is printed on em.
So I'd go with oem honda wire's. or NGK blues. only reason to go with the NGK is to get an 8mm core. with a thicker insulation. other than that save your money.
as many people have said, the best thing for honda electrical systems are stuff that is enginered for hondas. Unless you are running serious numbers (even then you wont see much of a gain) the only thing that is going to happen is that you are going to get alot of radio interferance
IMO, based on what ive read and a dyno test that i saw, the best plug wires are oem Honda, but NGK 8mm and Magnecors are also good. I havent read anything about MSD.

as for experience, I have used NGK blue wires before and they were fine, but right now I have oem Honda wires and the fit is just unbeleiveably perfect. This is important because it provides the shortest distance for the spark to travel. The NGKs had some extra length to them, and they actually cost more.