What Alternator should i use?

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I'm doing a obd2a ls swap in my 93 civic hatch. i wanted to know what alternator i should or which one can i use? a guy at a performance shop told me to reuse my D series alternator so i don't have to wire in a new plug. okay will this mount up to the LS block? and also the D-series alternator only puts out about 70amps the LS alternator is suppose to put out 90amps. i do want to install a subwoofer amplifier. so the extra power would be nice but will it work? Does the Alternator Have More to do with the chassy than the motor? I have searched your forums and have not found anything to explain alternator fitment. is there a higher output alternator that i can put on that i can benefit from? i also know that the CRV's have a 95amp alternator. i don't mind RE-wiring the plug if i can get more power from doing it.
are you using the integra wiring harness?

if not then get one it will plug right into your car, and then you won't have to change or wire anything.
oh, and you can't put a d series alternator on a b series engine, they don't fit, don't even bother trying.
the crv alternator should work, but I would just invest in a good cap or a second batt/optima cell
Okay so if the Dseries alternator will not mount up to the b18 then does anyone have a wire conversion for the alternator plug from obd1 civic to obd2a integra? are the wires the same color? I'm trying to avoid buying a new alternator. i already have the obd2a one that works great
get a 97 integra engine wiring harness, it will save you the trouble, otherwise, the alternator isn't the only thing you are going to have to change.
in order to make an obd2 engine work with an obd1 engine harness you have to change injector wires, get a new distributor and alternator and possibly change the iac wiring.
it is much easier to get the 97 integra engine harness, that way it all plugs right into your car with no modification.
well i have the entire donor car and i will be swapping motors into both of them. so i will keep the injectors with the car and i'm getting the distributors rewired for 30bucks
I believe I may have a Obd-1 alternator adapter which I can convert it to Obd-2. It will be a Obd-1 adapter converted to Obd-2 small square plug (P-N-P) I will have to double check on that. If you still need it let me know.
well i am only going to buy an alternator if it puts out more amps than the stock obd2a integra one (which puts out 90amps). otherwise i am just going to rewire the the plugs for the obd2 does anyone know if the wires are the same colors? and also someone told me that if i got a high out put alternator the computer may show me the alternator light because it thinks that it shouldn't be putting out that much amps, is this true?
also someone told me that if i got a high out put alternator the computer may show me the alternator light because it thinks that it shouldn't be putting out that much amps, is this true?

yes, it is true but it depends on the how the ecu your will be using reads the voltage as to whether or not your light will come on,
the problem with the alternator putting out more amps is that it's going to produce less voltage or less resistance, directly proportianal to the increase in amperage (ohms law)
since the ecu is not setup to measure amps (amperage is hard for sensitive equipment to handle directly) it will be looking at voltage, which will show up lower than whatever the normal output whould be (13.9-14.5 volts)
so it all depends on what the lowest stored value in the ecu is for voltage before the battery light will come on, if it's set to come on at lower than 14.1 and your alt produces 13.8, then it will come on.
If you are uber cheap just reuse the D series alternator, remove the upper mount off the engine, use the b series belt and ram something between the block and the alternator to maintain tension. It isn't recommended but will work if you are really against buying an alternator.

Also you don't need the harness for the injectors, just reuse your old ones. They are all 240cc then rewire the dizzy for obd1. I did two and they wasn't that hard.

The proper way to do this is to buy a dizzy, alternator and reuse the old injectors and use an obd 1 integra ecu but it will cost more. That's what I did to get my B18B running my eg except for the fact that I chipped my ecu and re-mapped for it.
Okay, i want to use the obd2 alternator that i already have. i want to rewire the current plug from obd1 to an obd2 plug. i would buy a harness but its 4 wires, why would i buy a harness when i could fairly easily solder 4 wires. i just need to know if the wires from and obd2 teg and an obd1 civic dx have the same color wires. or if they don't then what color wires do i solder to what color wires.