What Can I Do With B18c5?

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What can I do with b18c5.
What upgrades (I dont need NOS,TURBO,SUPERCHURGER,OR BooST cuz b18c5 is not for a boost)
All I want is major modifications like pistons, connecting rods, valves, valves springs and all the major stuff....
if u will write something please write the price or the website were I could buy it.
Thank you...
well first things first... how much $$$ do you want to drop in total?? but back to you question... um theres a number of things that you can do to that motor. edelbrock just came out with a really good intake manifold that good for 7000-10000 rmp (Victor X - ive seen it for $400 Can) and also a Holley has a 68mm billet throtle body designed around the B18 engine ($200 Can???). a good next step would get new roller cams, retainers, and valve spings which claim that you can rev your motor up to 10000 rpm. you can get them from Crane Cams (dunno the price). AEM and Greddy (e-management) make really good fuel managment copmputers that can adjust your current stock fuel map to something more aggressive. and then there's always getting like MSD ignition, fuel rail and the regular bolt ons. i would think about doing some of those before replacing the pistons or even further.

crame cams
What do you have to spend and what are you looking for? Where do you live?

You can go with Skunk2 valve train, stage 2 cams and cam gears (www.alljdm.com) for a good street setup.

For more money, but a higher end company. You can get Toda spec b's and valve train and cam gears. alljdm might sell that as well.

Higher CR, so you can use CTR pistons (i believe they yield higher results) from hmotorsonline.com for 185 shipped + you need to buy rings. Or www.theoldone.com (site) and get some Endyn RollerWaves. (you can order them from www.intercrewautosalon.com Intercrew in Texas. Phillip will take care of you.

EDIT - Hondata gets my vote and stock ignition is good for 10k rpms and ~350-375whp. You wont need to upgrade it. :)
Ow I think that I want to spend not more then 5 or 6 grand, but remember I hate NOS TURBO OR SUPERCHURGERS.
Thanks a lot for answers....
And I dont know but what elese do I need to buy if I want to swap new pistons in my enigne?
resleeve to 84mm, get some 12.*:1 pistons, get some ITBs, get is all PnP'd to match with the ITBs, get it tuned.... that should take up most of your money :)
Originally posted by Smonkeyboy@Mar 1 2003, 04:39 AM
this is my favorite mod for you all-motor people

Toda Individual Throttle Bodies

a good way to spend $2650

those things are bad ass but they are not the best for street. Notice no air filter? If you ever drive down a dirt road, your going to be sucking up some major dust.
You can buy air filters for them or also fab up a nice little cai or something to grab cold air. Gotta get creative :)
when i get my individual throttle bodies, they will get individual air filters just like it was setup on my bike :)
i was thinking of modifying a cervinis hood 4 the CAI :D

hell you could probablly do it with some fiberglass BONDO and an fiberglass hood :ghey: