what could it be b16a not starting

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ok history, my friend has a sedan wit a b16a in it that he wants t trade for my crx si zc. his car used to run good but has for almost 3 years. besides the farm land in th engine bay, it seems to have a fuel problem that inhibits running. the engine has an AEM fuel rail, fuel pressure reg ad gauge, jg cam and cam gears, itr ITM.
what we checked:
new main relay,
fuel pump can be heard
dist has spark
spark plugs are good
compression is good
all grounds are good
the only thing i know we need to do is resplice the wire to the IAT sensor cause the wire was cut already but that shouldnt stop it from starting right?
the only CEL code is 10, for the IAT.
where should i be looking next? i think if i can get it running i want to trade. please help thanks.
if you have spark and fuel it should fire up, you may want to make sure the inectors also have power, then fix the IAT issue you're having, also check timing.
have you checked the fuel filter? if it'll turn over, try putting a couple gallons of gas in it to top it off. that lil extra may push all clutter through.
i havent checked the fuel filter yet as i figured it would be ok since there is gas in the rail. i will check in the morning. also we threw in 3 gallons of gas a couple days ago when we frst started. Should i buy some of that injector cleaner fluid, i mean it did sit for 3years, could it help or is that stuff bs? thanks for the replies.
IMO most of the over the counter injector cleaners are a bunch of bs. They can be used for maintenance but they are to weak to really clean out a massive build up of crap. Have you checked compression? Also try putting a little motor oil in each of the cylinders while you have the spark plugs out. I know my old si would lose the seal on the rings after sitting around for 5-6 months and would need a little oil to build enough compression to fire off.
compression was decent around 165-175. should i still throw some oil in there then? We checked the fuel filter and it checked out ok. its starting to drive me crazy. what are the chances of it being an ecu problem? i have an extra si one i can plug to see if it works.
It can't hurt the engine to dribble a little oil down the plug holes allthough the numbers your coming up with seem pretty good. if the motor is stock. what did the spark plugs look like when you pulled them out?

thanks for all the replies guys. we found out the problem. it seems mice or rats had chewed thru a bunch of random engine harness wires as well as chassis wires. so i now know that it would be too much work and money to get it rolling so im not going to trade. i might just buy the engine and tranny off of him. thanks.