What did you do for xmas dinner? warning LARGE pictures!

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Cell phone pictures, low light shots were very grainy...

My family was out of the country for christmas and I didn't want to take of 2 weeks worth of work and spend 2K on plane tickets so I stayed home.

Christmas eve a good Chinese friend of mine had us to his restaurant for after hours dinner. 2 salmon dishes, pork shops, some veggies, 2, 3.5LB lobsters and a few crabs.

Then today at Linh's parents, we had the spring roll (recipe on my website) rice powered shrimp, some meat on a stick (not sure the name) pad thai (not viet) fried rice, and a crispy noodle dish with shrimp, fish cake, and squid. again, not sure the name.

I ate good this year. No dried up turkey or chicken or re-re-reheated ham.
This is making me hungry. I've only had homemade asian food once (korean), and it was amazing.
7 eleven coffee FTW. we had a prime rib dinner with all the goodies.
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last night i made a ham and mashed potatoes.
today i made a butterball turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls and jello with bannanas in it.
:D yummy.

now i getta eat nothing but turkey and stuffing sandwhiches for the next few days, cuz the food was only for two.
Christmas dinner is generic, ham, sweet potatoes, other veggies, etc. Good but Christmas Eve dinner is my favorite.

Traditional Slovakian Christmas meal. We also had some friends over who were Ukrainian so there was a little mixing of culture. We start with nuts, fruits, Bobka(dessert style bread) and eggs(we have deviled eggs, not exactly traditional). Then it's almost all seafood. Pickled herring(creamy and regular, both are actually really good), shrimp, clams, a white fish (Haddock this year), and we also had calamari this year(again, not really sure if its traditional, but my younger two siblings are allergic to shrimp which is a majority of the meal). Then we digest for about an hour and have Sauerkraut soup and maybe some Poopaki(fried dough, sugar, and sesame seeds).

And as with any Eastern European traditonal meal, plenty of booze. Blackberry brandy being our family's tradition. My first sober one in a few years though.
Jeffie...why not just move to china....they still have chinese women, and chinese food...they just dont make you work for it.
Jeffie...why not just move to china....they still have chinese women, and chinese food...they just dont make you work for it.

Half the stuff listed in those pictures is not Chinese.

However, I'd love to go to China, as with most of Asia. Then central, south America, and Mexico.

Europe would also be cool but I'd rather hit that later in life.
I'd love to go to asia myself too. My family goes to the phillipinnes a lot and china as well, but I've never gone.

I do have the chance to travel europe when I graduate college so I'm excited to do that. :)