what do i have to do to spray my civic

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i have a 1995 stock civic what will i need to replace. to spray it?


Nick Go FAST!!
Check the compression first thing. Then stick with a 50shot at first and see how it holds up. A Wideband wouldn't be a bad investment if you plan on running it a lot. It will tell you if you need custom tuning at least.

My honest opinion tho, since Ive done the Juice route a couple times. It's fun, YES. BUT, you have to fill that bottle to have fun and it can cost $50-$80 a fill!!! Save a few more bucks and build a turbo kit, or buy a used one. Its readily available fun once it's on!


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If you are looking to just strap on a kit and call it a day, I would go with a wet kit for shure! It's gonna be alot safer and make shure you retard you'r timing when you wanna spray, you can put two marks on you'r dizzy so you can just slide it where you want it if you'r spayin or not.


Crazy Insane
Ya there are some "diy" heat treatments available, I have an old issue of chevy high performance where tey tested the shit to destruction with a blow torch... The coating actually holds out longer than the piston- the piston begins to melt even though the treatment hadn't yet failed :D Plus it probably ups your compression a hair having that layer on top of the piston...