What Do I Need : F22a In 93 Hatch

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since my prelude S (F22A) is crashed and I know have a 5th gen civic, I'm wondering if the steps for this swap are the same than for the H22.
There's not much informations about this swap on the Net. Sure I'll need motor mount. What about the rest? Axels , I think but not sure. The link for the clutch?

Thankx in advance



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Well, I already have the motor (my prelude is VGA : Véhicule Gravement Accidenté, in english.... crashed)
So it wont cost me a lot. And I already have the i/h/e done on my F22a + MSD 6A with Blaster Coil SS and 9mm spark plug wires. So I think it's not a bad idea to swap it in my 93 DX.

And the f22a have more torque than any civic motor. :D

So if it's as hard as the H22, I'll need axels and engine mounts right?




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i havent even read the whole thing.. but i just read the beginning.. and i saw place racing. You dont have to use place racing.. as a matter of fact i suggest you dont use place racing. They suck, go with hasport mounts. They are much better. www.hasport.com Ill post more stuff after i read all of it, im kinda busy right now.


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ok.. ive read it.. and i found some flaws :lol:


crap.. they suck


well if u didnt use shitty place racing mounts.. you wont NEED place racing axles. If you use hasport mounts you can use a 90+ Accord Intermediate shaft (aka Midshaft.. wtf is a Jackshaft???) w/ 90-93 integra axles. Or u can use the prelude Int. Shaft with some custom dss axles.

Let’s start with the basics, you can forget about keeping your ac or power steering .

wrong. you can keep these things.

You will still need to cut a area through your civic fire wall to run the cables through.

here he's trying to say that if you dont use the place racing shifter box you have to cut holes in your firewall (one word) to run the cable. This again is wrong.

It may also cause you to loose the function of your cup holders in the console.

if you did it correctly and didnt go throught the firewall, you wont lose the function of the cupholder.

I would recommend a low profile pusher fan if you’re using your stock radiator for the much needed cooling capabilities and clearance from the slave cylinder.

i just want to elaborate on this.. You dont NEED a slim fan, you can ghetto cut your fan, which i dont recommend, i dont know how much of a budget your on. But if you do get a slim fan.. i recommend a FAL slim fan. he didnt mention brands but you get what you pay for. I've heard some stories of the pep boys thin fan thats like $60 or something like that having a very short lifespan

Make sure you install your clutch line also using place racings clutch line bracket for easier installation.

dont need this..

You can also connect the throttle linkage using Place racings bracket which allows you to use your stock throttle linkage

dont need this...

lol. if i didnt know any better, id swear place racing made this site.. :lol: well i hope i cleared some of that up for you, use what you want, i just wanted to show u the options. i can only talk from pics ive seen w. place racing and everyone telling me not to get them.. I got hasport thats why i recommend hasport, their quality is top notch, and ive met a few h22 hasport guys that dont have the problems associated with place racing or hcp. again. it all boils down to "you get what you pay for"


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Thank you Paragus!

A lot more information than I tough I could get.

It seems that mounts are an important part that I must take care.

There is this guy that sell cheap mounts. He say it's "Red Shift" Mounts

Since I'm putting a F22 instead of the H22, maybe cheaper mounts will do the job? (Less power...)

I think I'll buy HasPort but can you tell me your opinion on these? (If I can save a buck or 2 ;))

Thank you again Paragus, you're the man.


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There is no pictures of the mounts or a link that I could see,but HAsport has R and D behind their products that most others can't afford to replicate.It is more than just a better quality,they do a better job of placing the motor closer to where it should go.


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as far as red shift mounts.. ive never heard of them, i think i might have seen them on ebay. Red shift Cheap.. on that link u put i think i saw $400. for a extra $150 you have the insurance (security) of hasport mounts.. And you are buying the mounts to handle the power yes.. but more importantly you are buying the mounts so your motor sits correctly in your engine bay. If your engine doesnt sit correctly in your engine bay, you are going to have greater chances of breaking axles. And again.. u get what you pay for :p my vote is for hasport

here is a link to my gallery.. you can see the quality of the hasport mounts.. and there is even a pic of my FAL slim fan. there is a shifter pic and some other h22 stuff that doesnt apply to u :D

here is another link to another gallery it has civic wiring diagrams and h22 diagrams.. pin outs, etc, its all labeled.

if you got any other questions.. just ask. i also have a h22 swap write up that might be helpful for you.. just gimme your email, pm me whatever.