What Do I Need To Drop My 94 Accord?

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I have a '94 Honda Accord LX, 4 door. I want to drop it 3 to 4 inches. I am hoping to use the stock struts. I am new to the car scene, so I don't know much about cars. I need to new a good brand of struts and if I need to get a camber adustment kit for them. I am looking to spend around $250 altogether. I hope I don't need to spend anymore than that. Also, I am looking to get a new exhaust. I want a four inch tip with a strait cut. I have the 4 cylinder model and I am looking for big sound. Thx.
3-4 inches is too much. Anywhere over 2 inches does nothing for handling. Also 4 inch tip. :fr: If you are going turbo a 3 inch Exhaust (not to be comfussed with tip) is best and if you are going natural asperating, 2.25-2.5 inch exhaust piping is the way to go. Also using your stock struts is a bad idea when dropping your car because they will ware out alot quicker.
I want to spen $250 on the suspension and about $300 on the exhaust. I want the drop for looks not handeling. I am not going turbo, so i don't need 3 inch piping. I wan't a four inch tip.
so basicly what your saying is you are only interested in looks
this is not the site for you
please leave and go to www.superhonda.com with all the other slow fucks with slammed cars, fart-can exhausts, and heavy ass dubs, be sure to get some neons, LED nozzles, and a 5ft spoiler
Right now all I am worried about is looks. My parents bought me my car and they wont let me do anything to it untill I am at college.
then trust us superhonda is a way better site when it comes to looks, Here looks are nothing. It doesnt matter how bling bling you are, that means shit when it come to #'s. Here we are interested in getting down the track the quickest, making the car turn as fast as possible ect. Spoilers, bodykits, tezzas, led nozzles are just a waste of money plus yes i thought that shit was cool too when i was like 14 but then i realized, your coustimizing your ride like everyone else so they start out looking the same, they end up looking the same. Please leave now.
well if they are gunna let you drop it and put an exhaust on it you might as well get good shit
save a little more spend the money and do it right... or anything you get is gunna be shit and need to be replaced and will just end up costing you more...
so get some good springs/struts... get a good exhaust... it will take a little longer to get the money but it is worth the wait... you will never save money by buying cheap shit

just start prepping the car for the bigger mods later
lol I know a kid like you...his car has been keyed like 10 times in 2 months...