what do u do?

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I just thought i'd ask......

I'm an EMT if u don't know what that is i work on an Ambulance..... u know saven lives and what not.... :lol:
I am "tech Support" but my actual job is travelling the country working on custom high speed mailing equpiment, specializing in the barcode readers, PC's, and network communications of them.

Bob Vila

IT Project Manager / Web Designer / Content Manager for a large Insurance Corporation.
I work for the School District here in my area. I don't have one job title. My favorite thing to do is bring the kids to thier parents. Milf galore!! I always get from the Milfy's, "aren't you too young to be a teacher, isn't schooling like 8 years long"...I then go on to explain that i'm multi-talented and that I work on cars. That's when I get the phone #'s to work on thier cars and do other miscellaneous things, yada yada yada. sucks because if the child ever tells a teacher or staff member that I was at thier house with thier mom, i'm in deep shit :D Plus, I have a girlfriend with a baby on they way but it's nice to have options :lol: :ph34r:
i have sex with old women for money.......j/p.....i woerk as a curtomer service rep
hey! my complete lack of grammer when typing has nothing to do with my skill when u get hit by a bus... athough if u get hit by a bus there is a good chance i can't help u to much anyway.....

Combat medic... cool little diffrent then my job but same idea.
Goin into my 3rd year of college. its a bitch but im at the point of no return. Doin valet part time.
i'm an admin to the CEO of a company called Blendz. I'm also the Catering Delivery Driver, Catering Assistant, Events Assistant, and financial assistant. In other words, I'm the company bitch.
another one of these!! lol

i recently got promoted to Poker Room Manager / Bartender. Oh and im a junior in college so this is only for the summer (end of july)
I.T. Supervisor / Level everything corporate bitch at a major natural gas transmission company.

-> Steve
Welder/Fabricator/Mechanic/and Jack of all trades for my local City Water Department. You name it, I'll do it for $20 an hour and benefits, if it's not nasty.
Originally posted by preluderjs@Jul 3 2005, 06:39 PM
Goin into my 3rd year of college. its a bitch but im at the point of no return. Doin valet part time.
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thats what im doing too, but im only going into my second year of college.
Going into my second year of College, current major: Materails Science and Engineering

In the summer, I work at a country club where I drift golf carts.
junior in college as well at temple u in philly...

and i work as an intern/producer at an insurance brokerage where i will be working full time once i graduate