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Looking to build a motor for one of our customers at the shop. He asked me about this combo. hes got a 88 REX Si. He asked about useing his A6 block with a Y8 head and putting DOHC ZC pistons in it. Now what i want to know, is this a good combo, I have never really thought about it before. It sounds good because the ZC pistons are domed and should yeld a higher comp. ratio. Just tell me what you think about it, or if you have tried it, how did it turn out.


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yeah it is a good combo, i think the zc pistons will have to be machined to fit the a6 rods... i have heard of quite a few people doing this, and i have heard it makes a good amount of power too. I have not seen this exact set up but i have seen z6 heads on a6 blocks and they have been pretty powerful. I would recommend putting a bigger intake manifold on, some aggressive cams, adjustible cam gears, and a stronger valve train...
Good Luck man.


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The ZC/A1 pistons fit the A6 rods fine and are cheap. You can use A1 rods even. I have a D series compression calculator on my site that lets you mix and match components. Just remember to adjust piston to deck clearance with different pistons

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you can also check out this site for any questions on what to use to add the Y8 Head
just do a search and lots will come up

D-Series BBS


anyone seen dyno sheets of this set up? This guy wants to know what kinda power he could have.