What Do You Think Mille Miglia Mm11-2 Weels

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if u ever heard or have mille miglia mm11-2 or any other Mille products (Weels) please tell me if you like it and if preformance is good? And If you know were I can read review about Miller please tell me...

wow i think that wheel is tizzite! never heard of mille miglia wheels, but the mille miglia is a famous race in europe, i think italy. it translates to "thousand mile" race.


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Well there is 15 16 17 18 sizes but I did not find weight of the weel even on the manufacture website. So I dont know. But any way what weight do you think will be the best for 16?


Super Moderator
basicly the rule of thumb is max weight should be about 1lb per inch. A good forged rim in 15's should be about 10-11lbs, cast about 11-13 lbs


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They're still nice strong wheels, and they look nice and clean. One of my best friends has a 16" set of those on his 2000 Accord with Pro-Kits, and it looks really nice.