What ECU to get??

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I am currently mini-me'ing my D15B7 with a D16Z6 head, I need to know what ECU to get...My car is auto, as most of you know, I wasn't sure if I can get an Si ECU. Keeping my current ECU as not an option, as I want this as clean as possible. What about aftermarket ones (Skunk2 or Hondata)--I will get a Hondata as soon as I know what I am doing (N/A or Turbo) Thx for your help.

Argg, where is Pills when you need him? :D
ECU for 94 Civic Auto

Is this what I need? I doubt it's a "Spoon/Mugen custom spec ECU" for only 40 bucks, but I really don't see why I need a Honda stock ECU when I get get an aftermarket one (not this one in particular) to raise my revs and negate the EVIL governor.
i'm gonna go ahead and say get a p28 and use the stock program for now. the p28 can ALWAYS be chipped with a "spoon" or "mugen" or "insert the name of your favorite japanese tuner company here" chip.... or better yet a HONDATA.
Hmm, didn't see the Hondata coming, Pills... :D Guess I'll get a stock ECU from the junkyard or eBay. Thank you for your infinite wisdom, Hondata whore. ;)
lol@hondata whore...i could smell it coming...almost sense it.

on a unrelated note.. i love your sig pills "putting pictures in your signature is ghey."
yea. it's just a bitch. thats what we have avatars for. brian should just ban html and code in the signatures like the other board. it was much cleaner and i didn't have to see 9 million of the same picture as i scroll through a post because some fuck replied to something 32 times with "word" or :)
on a side note... mugen doesnt make a chip nor do they reprogram ecu's or make a stand alone fuel management system... and no kids, just because it says fast and the furious on the description-you will NOT become vin deisel if you buy it, sorry kids.
That's why I hate buying shit off ebay, but I need some weird shit...Still need a D16Z6 STOCK AUTO ECU (very demanding) I have looked all over the internet, help me out people, I'm not gonna use my stock ECU and ghetto it up, as the fuel maps will be all fucked.
it's a clone... and blackjdmdeath doesn't know what he is talking about either...

mugen sells an N1 ECU it is a "non-programmable ECU. Mugen does not produce or sell ECU chips, stock ECU's with replacement chips, or programmable ECU's."

that's a quote from www.kingmotorsports.com the AUTHORIZED dealer for mugen co. ltd.
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