What Engine do you recommend?

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Hey guys, i had a quick question to ask you. I'm new at this so i need some advice. I just bought a 2000 Civic Si coupe and am planning to completely build the engine and thereafter put on a Turbo. I'm looking to pull roughly 500-600 hp at the crank. What motor will be the best option for me?


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-Sigh- Please :readfaq: Then ask that question again, btw welcome.. and that much HP ask Central Flordia Turbo... lmao


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You could build up your B16 but really though, are you ready to spend some serious cash in your build? Not to mention upgrading your suspension and brakes. After all, it's not worth it to be able to go fast if you can't stop or if your car can not handle the power.

Lets look at it this way. What is your budget right now and time frame goal?


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This is going to be a roughly a years project and am willing to spend around 15-20k


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Cough* Bring it to a tune shop throw 15K and say I want to Go FAST! LMAO, sry just had to say that!


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In that case, just to make things easier on yourself, I would suggest dropping it off at the shop of your choice, letting them know what you want, sit back, relax and await the finished product. If you have that kind of money up front that would be one way of going about it. However, if that is not the case, you could go around looking for parts that are specific to your build, save yourself a buck or two, still finish on time and enjoy.


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Well i'm doing this just to enjoy the process of doing it myself. I already did that with my M6, so I kinda want to do this on my own. Any suggestions you can give me would be appreciated.


if its a DD then dont do anything to it,if youve got time,pull the motor and build the hell out of it,or do as george said,,K swap
sleeved gsr block
machine work
use b16 head
stainless valves
valve springs
good set of turbo cams
better get some cam gears
wideband of some sort
1000-1500cc injectors
walbro 255 fuel pump
drive shaft shop axles stage 5 would be best
lets say maby a twin disk tilton clutch
liberty handcuff for trans"you will now have a 4spd but case shouldnt split apart on back side"
turbo hum lots of options i would sugest a full race kit
big brake kit
1in master cyl
may i also sugest at least 6pt cage as a 500-600hp civic is going to run mid 10s
have fun
be prepaired to rebuild botom end at least 1-2 times if you are a beginer at tuning and you plan to do this yourself as you will blow it up

lots of other stuff


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it would be a waste of money and time to put another b series in there, when it already has one


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1) buy blown b-series
2) put it on engine stand
3) buy aforementioned parts
4) install parts and engine into car
5) keep stock motor to install if you have problems with turbo
6) buy really good brakes
7) get insurance for it all


it would be a waste of money and time to put another b series in there, when it already has one

No joke. Why buy things twice, even if your budget will allow? Pull your motor, sleeve it, forge it, boost it. Give it the tune that its worth, and enjoy it.