What Engine For Auto X?

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Allright I just bougth another 92 cx hatch and this time I want to auto cross. So far I got some tein ss coilovers, all jic magic cf strut bars, mugen 22mm rear sway bar, 00 civic si front sway bar and rear disk brakes with the AEM big brake kit. I'm probably gonna get some rotas when I get back to the states so all that leaves is the engine. I'm just looking for the best all around engine for it. Should I go with a turbo? I'm not familar with the rules coming from nothing but drag racing. I'm looking to buy the engine before the end of the month.. HELP!!! :unsure:


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for autocross you really want to stay away from turbos as they put you in a very high class. chet does very well with his b16 hatch in auto cross events. you may want to look into a b18c1 as well


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The Best overall stock honda engine for autoX is the b18c5 (type R) becauese it has high horse power, decent amount of trq, and most importanly is the close gearing tranny WITH a LSD. Also the typeR is nice because you can keep it in a low gear alot longer because of the 8900 Redline. That way by the time you get to about 8900 in second, you probally getting pretty close to a turn and you will have to put on the brakes, if you could only rev to 7grand, you would have to shift into third alot more often causeing you to lose more time.

If your ever thinking of going all out and want to spend alot of money, a GSR bored out to 2.0 liters with high compression pistons, an ITR tranny or re-geared gsr tranny and buy a LSD for it. In autoX trq is a good thing. Also good throttle responce is very good (get a light weight flywheel).