what gauge should i use for my car?


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i got a ls/vtec (b16 head,b18 block,b16 hydro tranny ) and i jus want to know what gauge i should put in my 96 civic ex to go with this swap should i get a integra ls gauge or gsr or civic 99 si? i didnt know where to put this under


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are you talking about a gauge cluster?
If you can get an Si gauge cluster then that would be fine.
If you can't get one just buy a tachometer and use the gauge cluster that's in your car.


Looks like those are just indiglo gauge overlays for the 99-00 SI gauge clusters.

You should use the SI cluster if you don't want the big tach.

I believe that it should be a plug and play deal with your 96. Please correct if I am wrong.

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sorry if im high jacking ure thread but instead of making another thread in here i thought i could just post my question here since its related, what gauges will i need for an ls/vtec motor in a 95 integra?

will i need just the cluster or also gauges like EGT, water temp, a tach?


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Just use the cluster in your car now. It has a tach, if anything get a good after market temp gauge.


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if you need a real good aftermarket temp gauge i got a brand new never used got all wires included autometer c2 gauge real nice . if you decide you want to go with what he said^ den ill sell it to you
Back to the original question.....

You should get the SI GAUGE CLUSTER but you cannot just get the indiglos. You can the get the indiglos after you get the gauge cluster.

And also, to get any Integra gauge cluster to fit, you need the whole dash, I believe......


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seen the GSR cluster without the GSR dash,,,,but the lower smaller two gauges are soemwhat cut off,,,,,I woulnd't personally go that route.

I would get an EX cluster, to match the other interior color of green,

not sure if it will bother you but the Si cluster lights up amber......