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i have an HF bottom end and i blew a head gasket so i tore that apart today now im working on which head to put on, Hf head is garbage, turns out it was cracked and had seals leakin like crazy, so these are the parts i have right now.... HF, A6, and Z6 cam gears, a6 and HF timing belt, and the Z6 head... anything i can make work from that? i was thinking puttin the HF cam gear on the Z6 head and using the hf timing belt , would that work? any help please
thanks TJ


i don't think you need to change cam gear, and i believe you use the timing belt that belongs to the bottom end you are using

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On my a6/y8, the a6 belt was too big. I had to get the y8 belt. You have to change your pistons. If you look at the top of them,( assuming its the hf block) there are only 2 grooves for the valves. They wont work with a 16v head. :)


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yes they will, i have a friend who put the si head and IM on his hf bottom and ran a 15.9... never any problems :) just raises compression n stuff