What Internals Do I Need To Do?

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Ok, i am wanting to build a B18b turbo and well i'm not wanting to i am. I just want some opinions on what parts i should use and replace when doing the internals. I heard Eagle rods are good. I just don't really know much about internals. So help on what i should replace. I was thinking of resleeving the cylinders and getting a block guard. I want a 250 whp Ls Turbo that will last 40k-50k. I wanna do it right so money isn't really an object. I mean i don't need the best most expensive parts just good parts that you think/know could last. Thanks alot.
ok with the pistons you could go either endyne rollerwaves, or srp. eagle rods are good, are you going to be boring the engine, if so you'll want a sleeving kit, either dart or eagle again. you should think about upgrading your valvetrain with some good springs and retainers, crower or something like that. you may want a good turbo cam too, everyone says crower is good too. ARP head studs for sure, and rod bolts. if you don't want to go with new rods you cold just get the factory ones shot peened, but i don't know how reliable that is. just my $.02. anyone else?
Haha damn. Thanks. I'll prolly go with this as follows:
Pistons JE (if i can find a good deal)
Rods eagle
Sleeves eagle
Springs & retainers crower
Turbo cam crower
Head studs arp
Rod bolts arp
I'm not boring the engine though so sleeves would be good to do anyways right? What about a block guard? Thanks for the help.
if your gonna do the sleeves then bore the engine too, if you take it to 84mm you'll have basically a b20 block, but none of the problems associated with it cause you'll have sleeved the block already. and i don't think 84mm aftermarket pistons cost anymore either.

if your doing sleeves you don't really need or want a blockguard, cause that will just impair your cooling abilities.
Hmm....decisions, decisions. I don't think i will bore it because i don't want it to cost that expensive. I still want to do it right just do it right and cheaply which don't really go, i know. Will the stock cylinder walls be able to handle up to 15 lbs of boost? Since i won't bore it should i get a block guard then? Thanks again for the help.
ok...like the greddy turbo kit...wha bout it?
Haha, this is gonna be a daily driver as far as i can tell so far. So a 9 sec daily driver would be nice but i want it to last. So i was thinkin more like a 12 second daily driver. Possibly 11s. Also i usually just go custom exhaust because it's alot cheaper. I would rather buy a kit than just a turbo and all the parts since this will be my 1st turbo application. Thanks.