what is needed to switch from cable to hydro

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Senior Member
what is needed to change from a cable to hydro transmission on my DA teg?


Buck Futter
A hydro tranny, and Hasport's conversion kit. It's like $300 or so, and includes the tranny mount you'll need along with an adapter to use your cable clutch.


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what if i change my block and tranny to hydro, because know i have a b18a block/ gsr head and i was wanting to change it to gsr block w/ gsr tranny(hydro) would i still need to get the kit?


angry bear
Rest In Peace
you still need the kit no mater what block you use. your car came with a cable.
or you could go to a junkyard and get the petal assy of a newer integra and clutch master cyl. and lines and make your car hydro