what is the best daily driver


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need help here. i have a 93 dx hatch and ive been thinkin bout droppin the h22 into it. but the more and more i read on this site the more ive been thinkin. it will b my daily driver and i really like being able to have fun with shifting. i want something that can take a beating. my job is 2 miles away from my house and i have 3 ways of getting there #1 two lane main road with stop lights, #2 up a hill onto a long twisty road, and #3 the highway that is a straight line (now i normally choose depending on how late to work i am). ok so now the problem, from what ive read the h22a is great for dragin and just haulin ass but ive heard of problems with stearing when slowin down too fast and with all the pot holes and turns and shit you might need to watch out for around here. so maybe there is a better swap for me? or if there are suspetion upgrades that might fix such problems.
hmotorsonline.com has some good prices but im thinkin some where around 3500-4000 for motor and stuff
let me know what u think


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get a B18C1 (GSR)

great power
great potential
no steering / weight issues

then get some suspension and brake work done and take route #2 every fucking day :D