What Is The Fastest Car You've Ever Driven?

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I'm just curious.

Especially after reading such posts as " I want high 12's at worst"

Since I'm asking the question I'll start: 94 Supra TT w/ aftermarket exhuast

I never ran it in the 1/4 mile, but the (stock) Supra TT can run between 13.2 and 13.8 depending on weather conditions and driver skill.


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Fastest was a 10.4 running stroker/Nitrous Mustang.

Coolest was a Hennessy Viper Venom 550. That was one BAD MF'er.

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BMW M Roadster... it was sick as hell. supposedly a low 13 sec car.


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My boy down in Ft. Lauderdale has a Tri-Turbo-Supra. I spent a day drivin it around with him. It's a beast. Before you guys start flammin, turbo lag is no where near expected. I forget how he has it set up, but....damn.


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7.90 @ 178.I have a 66 chevy 2 .It is tubed,caged,slamed and a 1200 hp motor w/3 stages of nitrous.My 60 ft is 1.09.We race outlaw street cars on 10.5 inch slicks.The car is also street leagl.A rush indeed.I just got done painting it.I will post pics if anyone wants to see.I just need to find some or take some new ones.
1960's chevelle (dont know exact year). it was my best friend's g/f's car..but it was built by her brother. i didnt dare try to see how fast it was. had a big lift cam, holley carb, edelbrock intake manifold, posi rear, etc. and it was so clean u could eat off it. i cant remember now if it was a 350 or a 396. i think it was the rat motor (396 big block). it also had a B&M shifter...that company goes way back.


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In this pic if you look in the background off to the right you can see the chevy 2 (nova) I have it on jackstands fixing the body.

Originally posted by colorpros@Apr 9 2003, 07:18 AM
7.90 @ 178.I have a 66 chevy 2 .It is tubed,caged,slamed and a 1200 hp motor w/3 stages of nitrous.My 60 ft is 1.09.We race outlaw street cars on 10.5 inch slicks.The car is also street leagl.A rush indeed...

holy shit! :eek:

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i have driven my fathers 1955 chevy bel air, fully restored by me and him frame off, the works, any ways it has a 383 bored to a 424 with 12.5/1 pistons race cam lightened crank roller rockers stroker kit dual carbs and a 150 shot of nawwwzzzz
without nawwzzz it has 786hp posi rear end and wheelie bars(it needs them believe me) never been ran in the 1/4 but a good 9 sec car, with nos.


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Fastest Cars I've driven in order of Speed

1. 1996 Porsche 993 Twin Turbo (13's stock I really, prolly a low 11's car)
2. 1980 Porsche 930 Turbo
3. 1969 Nova SS (w/ a built to the hill 327 small block, this car pulled wheelies and low 11's)
4. 1987 Buick T-Type (12.2@105)
5. 1998 VW GTi VR6

to note none of these cars were stock, all had some work done to em.
I'd have to say I like the Nova the best, nothing like american muscle
The 993 was a close second, great acceleration but you don't feel the neck snapin power like a torquey (sp?) V8


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94 RX7TT with some toys on it
92 Ruf modified 911T no clue what exactly was done to it but it was stupid fast


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I would say Mercedes CLK55 AMG, SL600, E55 AMG, C32 AMG, S55 AMG, ML55 AMG... I guess only Mercedes...not that fast in the 1/4 mile but the SL600's 6L V12 is really nice on the highway :p


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i got to drive my unles '78 vette once, that car was pretty pissed.

the fastes car i have ever driven on a regular basis was a 1985 BMW 535i. it was probably a mid 15 second car and it topped at 137 mph.

but it will soon be passed by my civic (turbo soon, muwhahaha).


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let me just say that valet at a night club is one of the coolest jobs you can have (except it kills your weekends)
best cars i got to drive:
1. viper gts
2. diablo
3. ferrari modena and 355 spyder
4. porsche gt2 and pretty much every other porsche made
5. supra tt
6. quite a few nsx's
7. 10 sec vortec firehawk

south florida is so full of rich old men who date penthouse pets it makes me sick, but they drive nice cars!
tip: dont ever valet your car, ANYWHERE!