What it takes to make 1700HP in a VQ35

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The 350 relies on a beefed-up version of the mighty VQ35DE powerplant for motivation. Outfitted with JE forged pistons and Carillo rods, the 3.5L had its compression dropped to 10.3:1 in order to allow higher boost levels; and its rev limit raised to 8,000rpm to help keep the boost pressurized throughout the curve. A Nismo R-Tune camshaft, valve job and mild porting of the exhaust ports by Headgames are also features of this build-up.

Last year, the car was set up with two different nitrous setups – a 300 shot and 375 shot that helped the team go through two engine blocks. This season, however, reliability issues prompted them to switch over to a Power Enterprise twin turbo system, which features a PE exhaust manifold, 2.25-inch down-pipe and modified air-to-water PE intercooler. The wastegate is internal, but the HKS blow-off valve is not.

A large 75mm Accufab throttle body translates the air into additional power with high-flowing Bosch Motorsport injectors transporting loads of additional fuel from an ATL 15 gallon fuel cell. A 240gph Weldon fuel pump and Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and filter help out with the task.

Engine management duties are performed by a MoTeC M880 system that gives control over the fuel and ignition as well as closed loop wideband oxygen control and datalogging for a number of inputs. Before Ioannou, who knows MoTeC systems like the back of his hand, came on board, the team found tuning a challenge.

“We feel we’re doing pretty good considering we’re the only ones running this V6 right now,” defended Rubio.

Drivetrain upgrades consist of a custom made Unorthodox Racing five pound aluminum flywheel that works in conjunction with a Tilton multi-plate metallic clutch and the factory 6-speed. A Nismo LSD with a Nismo finned differential cover helps distribute the power equally to the rear wheels.

Tein Flex coilovers all around provide ample adjustability for fine tweaks on race days thanks to the EDFC system. Weld 15x9-inch aluminum rims house BFGoodrich 275/50/15 drag radials on the rear axles while the fronts are 15x3.5-inch skinnies with 26x5-15 Mickey Thompson front runners. BFGoodrich came on board as a sponsor in June.

Check out the GIANT blower they use!!!!! I bet this thing was at least $1500 from ebay



with the hood shut.

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Vinny Ten Drives it. I remember Vinny when he had a door slammer Supra. Great driver.