What kind of exhaust for HB?


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I have been looking around at catbacks for my 92 dx hatch. I plan on throwing in a B18C later in the summer and i just wanna get stuff ready for it. I am lost on what kind of cat back system to get. I first thought apexi N1 but then i hear it is wicked loud and you'll get pulled over every two seconds. Then i heard EVO2 systems are great but they don't make one for my hatch. So now i am lost on what to get. Any suggestions, looking for a nice deep tone, not bees in a can. There is currently a magnaflow muffler on it(came on it when i bought it) and it sounds okay... how are their cat backs?or any othhers for that matter Thanks for any help!


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apex i world sport is quiet unless you have a gutted or no cat. i think it looks the best out of them all but the thats my opinion.


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Apr 2 2004, 11:33 PM
tanabe hyper medallion sounds real nice


got it on my ITR'd sol.... i love the sound .... quiet and deep on the low lobes .... sounds like a bike on the high lobes :D (still not annoyingly loud though)


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Yeah, i agree with E- His exahust is quite nice as far as tone and volume go- If i wasn't into loud ass exhausts i would def. recommend the Tanabe Hyper Medallion